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Hi, I’m Christian, founder of Make Movements. Physical movement has always been my go-to: my escape, my happy place and my sanctuary. That’s why for the past decade, I’ve been helping people move in one form or another.

My journey has allowed me to experience and utilise different modalities. Whether this is through personal training, football coaching, sports massage or exercise prescription. My background in professional football has provided me a great insight into body conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

The fact that I didn’t turn professional until the age of 21, allowed me to gain experience of working 50+ hour weeks in all kinds of industries providing an understanding of how difficult it is to have the motivation and enthusiasm to get moving before or after a long day at work. But that’s where Make Movements comes in. We’re helping to bridge that gap between wellness and the workplace – creating a happy place for every body and everybody.

The Mission

The juggling act of life means that more often than not everything other than yourself comes first and time is a real premium. The mobile nature of our service combats these elements by coming to your doorstep or visiting your work place.

Various options are available, and we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to most environments. We provide all the equipment, we just need you to provide the space!

We are real advocates of movement and massage and understand that we are all striving to be the best versions of ourselves. We are here to help and provide that all important ‘you’ time!

Some of our amazing testimonials

Improve your game

Sports Massage

Sports massage manipulates the soft tissue in the muscle to relieve stress and tension. This can increase the range of motion and muscle engage, aiding in the persons physical activities. By correcting imbalances and possible problems in the soft tissue that are caused by trauma and physical activity.

Depending on the client’s level and occurrence of physical activity, regular sports massage is highly recommended.

The Right Service

We always aim to ensure your treatment is the best it can be and fully benefits you

Professional and Friendly

Our core philosophy is to deliver a friendly service to make you feel relaxed and at ease

Multiple Services Available

We have a wide variety of massages and cover an extensive area in London & Surrey

Creating a better work life

Corporate Massage

Tension is not always created physically. The build-up of mental pressure and stress can create physical tension build up in the muscles. Not addressing such issues can lead to minor injuries as well as serious health issues later on in life.

It’s important to notice any possible build-up of stiffness in the muscle and move and stretch often as possible. As well as having massages to increase the blood flow into that particular area to help relieve any strain.

General Enquiries

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