10 Reasons Why Massage Is Good For You

10 Reasons Why Massage Is Good For You

A lot can be said about the power of a great massage.

In fact, we’d even go so far to say, the attributes of a massage tap into our individual systems to provide a collective response of goodness.

Why? A massage can help level out our internal scales – think achy backs, stress-ridden tensions or tight, overused muscles. It can also relieve our body from homeostasis.

The latter is a physiological term for our body’s way of adapting to any problem areas and keeping an equilibrium. For years you might have had an achy back or muscle soreness but our bodies adapt to allow you to work around this. Whereas a massage can help rid these niggles.

From helping to release happy endorphins to relaxation and everything in between, massage is the gift that keeps on giving.

1. Massage helps your circulatory system

Massage really takes the pressure of the heart and the network of blood vessels around your body. With each gliding movement oxygen rich nutritious blood is delivered to your organs and the deoxygenated waste products are returned to the lungs for disposal. You’ll often find that your blood pressure will decrease slightly because of the relaxing nature of massage, which means you might feel a little bit of a chill and may feel a little light headed. So just be sure to let your therapist know and a couple towels and a glass of water should solve these problems.

2. Massage can help with the removal of waste

The lymphatic system works and in hand with the circulatory system, assisting in the removal of waste. It is also a big player in boosting our immune systems, by encouraging the production of white blood cells. These white blood cells help our body fight infection and other diseases.

3. Massage boosts your sleep

If we are unable to catch 40 winks (or more) when our head hits the pillow, all aspects of our lives will be affected. With the right technique and scheduling of a massage, your brain and body will fall into the deepest sleep faster than ever. This is because massage helps you feel relaxed and gets rid of tension (more on this below). If you sleep well, you recharge well, and are in optimal condition to take on whatever life throws at you.

4. Massages aids posture

The frame work of our bones is of huge importance when it comes to tackling posture and alignment. All of our muscles anchor to this framework so by working into the muscles with some deep tissue massage, we are able to indirectly assist our skeletal system.

5. It gets rid of tension

As we have previously discussed, the link between the muscular system and skeletal system is undeniable. Yet the one distinguishing factor…pain. That nagging ache or that sharp stabbing often originates from the muscular system. Thankfully massage is able to unravel those areas of tension or compression and alleviate that discomfort.

6. Helps release endorphins

Otherwise known as your hormone system, this beautiful thing called massage provides you with the same buzz as getting a personal best at the gym, or that bar of chocolate. Bring on the endorphins release.

7. It regulates metabolism

Because massage has such an impact on circulation and hormones, the collaboration of the two assist in regulating metabolism and enhancing digestion. Maybe you really can have your cake and eat it…

8. Helps you breathe deeper

There’s nothing better than being able to fill those lungs and take in a deep breath. But this can sometimes be a bit tricky when muscles become tight and restricted around our rib cages. Through a multitude of massage techniques, we are able to release the un-cooperating muscles and open up that chest.

9. Massage can help with mental health

One of the prominent factors for anyone suffering from mental health condition is accumulation. It very rarely transpires to be one stressor that is the culprit, but a variety of stressors combining over a period of time that causes these moments of stress. Massage stops the accumulation and allows you to regularly reset, by physically and psychologically removing manifested tension.

10. Massage can help relax you

We are all so busy working hard and playing harder, yet we so often forget to relax. And there’s a big difference between the sofa on a Sunday afternoon because the weeks completely zapped you, and actually relaxing. The right type of massage provides no choice but to relax, so you can work hard, play harder and relax the hardest.

To experience what we preach, book in today or take a look at the different massages we offer.

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