Coronavirus: 9 ways we’re updating our hygiene guidelines

Coronavirus: 9 ways we’re updating our hygiene guidelines

Our duty of care is at the forefront of all we do at Make Movements.

Wellbeing is our currency and we wish to keep delivering a little dose of this through our mobile massages. But in the safest manner possible.

Since coronavirus struck, we’ve undertaken numerous COVID-19 hygiene courses for when at-home massage treatments commence.

Since the government announced the reopening of massage parlours, we have introduced some new hygiene measures behind the scenes and during treatments to keep you and our therapists safe.

1. All our therapist will have health checks

In order to safeguard against the transmission of Covid-19, all Make Movement therapists will be recording their personal temperature, resting heart rate, lung function and sense of taste and smell. According to the NHS, testing all of the above can be an indicator of whether or not a person has contracted the virus. Our testing has already begun, so we have baseline recordings and will be tested daily, to provide insights of potential symptoms and nullify any risk of transmission.

2. Client Health Checks

For treatments to be delivered, we are asking you (and anyone in your household) to make sure you have been symptom free for at least 14 days at the time of the treatment. This includes being clear of a tickly throat, a coughs, sneezing episodes, a high temperature or loss of taste or smell.

3. No more towels

We have always prided ourselves on our clients not having to provide a thing. When we first introduced the service, the idea was that we would bring everything to you. We would come and go, only leaving ‘relaxation’ as evidence of our presence. However, some subtle changes have to made in order to keep everybody safe. As of June, we are asking our clients to provide their own towels for treatment. This will remove the possibility of transmission.

4. Bye bye pots and hello pumps!

The selection of Songbird Liquiwaxes ® we used pre-pandemic have always received a mention throughout all our treatments, whether it’s the feel, texture or scent that’s caught your attention. However – we’ve swapped our pots of waxes for waxes in a pump. This will reduce surface handling.

5. We’re taking pit-stops

We will be building in a pit-stop between treatments, which will include re-sanitising car surfaces, couch surfaces and equipment used. Our massage therapists will also be showering and wearing fresh uniform for each appointment. This way, they’ll look good, feel good and reduce the risk of infection.

6. Thrice as nice

We will be limiting our treatments to three appointments a day, with a 3-hour interval separating them. This will provide the previously discussed pit-stop time.

7. Treatment system

Before the treatment begins, our therapist will be sanitising all equipment and local surfaces in the near vicinity. This will include the use of antibacterial sprays, universal wipes and paper roll. These measures will also be carried out at the end of your treatment, in which all the disposables will be left in a biodegradable plastic bag for you to add any other waste.

8. Treatment time will increase

By virtue of the treatment system process, your appointment will be approximately 10 minutes longer in duration. We hope that’s ok!

9. Use of PPE

We all know how important personal protective equipment like a face mask and gloves can be. But since the updated government guidelines have come out, we have made a couple of changes.

It is now mandatory that all therapists use a clear visor that covers the face, or the use of a screen or other barrier that protects the practitioner and the customer.

They will also be wearing gloves whilst treating.

Get in touch to find out more or ask any questions surrounding hygiene.

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